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How One Woman Avoided an Unnecessary Colonoscopy

Check out an account of a lady who helped her friend who had severe acid reflux to avoid an unnecessary colonoscopy. Friends and family members should always help to research the necessity of procedures for their friends and family members because doctors often will not inform patients of alternative treatments and how many health issues could be resolved with a change in diet.

A lady with acid reflux:

At least ten years ago, my friend started having mild stomach attacks that she handled with Tums and other antacids. Her doctor said she had to relieve the stress in her life and continue to take the antacids as needed. As time went on she started taking Prilosec, an over the counter drug thinking that would work better than antacids. She did this for several years increasing the amount she was taking as time went on. The more she took the worse she got so her doctor gave her prescription strength which made her even worse. The doctor then gave her what he called the highest prescription strength and she got even worse to the point she was severely constipated and doubling over in stomach pain. Her doctor then referred her to the gastroenterology group of six male doctors.

At her first gastroenterologist appointment she had the bra incident where he asked her to remove her bra because wanted to see her breasts. He gave her a rough digital rectal exam. He said there was blood in the finger test and she would need an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy test which he would schedule both at the same time. She told him she had a relative who had an Endoscopy where she was gagging and in pain but she couldn't communicate with the doctor. He said he would do it at the hospital where she would be put completely out. This also scared her because she had heard stories that when women are put under anesthesia, they are given no respect. They are left exposed for anyone who walks in and she was already unhappy with how this doctor treated her while she was awake. She was also worried about being asleep and alone with male doctors while she was naked under the gown so she asked the doctor if her husband could be present for the procedure. He said absolutely not and if she didn't trust him she should get another doctor. This was a big red flag. A number of male gastroenterologists have sexually abused women while they were sedated or anesthetized.. Check out how a sedated patient was sexually abused in Wisconsin by a male gastroenterologist. My friend was in such pain she let him make the appointment and went home in a panic.

That's the point where she confided in me and I looked up Prilosec and found it should not be used on a long term basis because it could cause a severe stomach inflammation. I also read on other sites where taking acid blockers over long periods of time can inhibit digestion, causing gas, bloating, constipation, and other problems. I advised her to run, not walk, away from this doctor. She cancelled the appointment for the endoscopy and colonoscopy. At this point she was so constipated her digestive tract was moving backwards. I told her to take the cleansing prep the doctor gave her for the colonoscopy to clear her out, and then start eating right and taking fiber along with probiotics. She is eating a diet for people with ulcers now. I told her if she still has problems she should see a female gastroenterologist, but so far she feels fantastic. Right now, she is not having any pain. She is taking no acid blockers and I got her some tums in case she needed them, but so far she is medication free.


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